I know that is too late for my opinion onto H&M Coachella Collection, but there it is. I need to say that H&M is one of my favorite "stoney cheaper shops" and I'm proponet of vintage and retro pieces and they have them. I'm obviously really happy for retro embroidered jeans jacket and for my lovely folded skirts. Metalic bodies. Yeah, if you want this but you can't find it, H&M have it. And they have a lot of differenet bodies. Like for example Mesh dress with body or Printed jersey body. Also they have Catsuit nd my favorite lace tops. You can find in Coachella collection first Mom trashed jeans and next loose jeans. Okey, they have really everything. Shimmering metallic jacket and mesh leggings. Honestly, I couldn't wear mesh leggings. They are really weird and nah on my style. Many denim embroidered products. And also they have pretty chokers with tiny details. Next bonus is, that this everything isn't expensive and you can affort it. 

I hope you'll enjoy this collection. 












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